Thursday, January 29, 2009

Necchi BF sewing machine

I recently got another one of my favorite machines in - a Necchi BF. My favorite machine is the BU, but this BF mira is in great shape. It was a little stiff last night, but prior to night's end, I oiled the machine alot and worked the machine a little to get the oil penetrating the machine throughout. This morning, everything was operating incredibly smooth - which is what I would expect from one of these. The power cords from both the motor and the lamp have been cut, so I'll be replacing these as well and add that to the posts as well - for anyone that may want to do this themselves. It's not too difficult of a task and can bring a top machine like a BF Mira back to life.

I should mention that - like most people who get their hands on a pre-70's, italian made necchi - they become Necchi fans. The quality and feel is unsurpassed. In my hands I've had a pretty good collection at some point or another - I've had the BF, the BU, the BU Mira, the Supernova BU, the Silvia (both a 583 and 584 model), a Lydia, and a smattering of others. The quality is excellent on them all, but the look and feel of the 50's BF Mira, BU and BU Mira are hard to beat with the incredibly solid feel, high polish finish, and strong motors - if i had to pick a machine to have, it would probably be one of these.

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